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10 TH Class 12 TH Class

It's said that Failure is not an opposite of Success; it's a part of your journey to Success. After every failure, we must regroup ourselves quickly, and face it head on - learn from the failures and work towards overcoming it. Maybe success was just a few more steps away, and a little more effort will get us there.

Even if you failed or got less marks in your exams, it's not because you are not talented. You are no less talented than anyone else. A little push from you and you can perform much better.

There are enough scholarships being offered by various educational institutes & coaching classes for the students who got excellent marks. But there is little help for those who could not pass, or got 40% or less marks. All it needs is just a little support, and you all can do wonders.

Realizing this, Dailylearn offers upto 100% scholarship on it's online courses for Maths, Science & English. If you are CBSE or Bihar Board student, who either failed this year or got less than 40% marks, please fill in your details to apply for the same.

No Scholarship Tests. No Selection Process. Nothing! It's simple - First 5,000 students to apply get FREE scholarship and another 5,000 students get 50% OFF. Last date to apply is August 15, 2020.

  • CBSE / Bihar Board students (10th or 12th)
  • Either Failed or got less than 40% marks
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