How to Get Good Marks in 10th Board Exam?

Class 10 board exam plays a vital role in determining the students’ choice, and the path to the future. In fact, the Class 10 board exam can be termed a quintessential transition point that will have a lasting effect in deciding a student’s prospect as it influences his/her choice to opt for either the science or a non-science stream. Students keen on becoming an engineer, doctors, or a tech-professional would opt for the former, while those who wish to go to non-technical, unconventional, and creative fields would opt for the latter. In any given case, the key to taking a plunge into the ocean of an undecided future is to score more in your board exam, and the buck will not stop with just scoring more, but to top the ranking table and score charts.

So, how to score more in your board exam or how to get good marks in 10th board exam? What are the tips to score more in board exam? These are questions that bother students, especially as the Class 10 board exam approaches – be it the one conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or the one done by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), or the State boards for that matter. These are the most common questions that bother students ahead of the Class 10 board exam.

Tips to Score More in Board Exam

Here are a few tips to score more in your board exam that will help you to not just excel in the board exam, but also in deciding your course and career options in the future.

Focus On the Syllabus

The first and foremost tip to ace the Class 10 board exam as well as score more in your board exam is by staying focused. Sticking to the syllabus prescribed by the concerned boards is a must, and highly recommended, if students wish to crack and get good marks in 10th board exam. Students must be thorough with their syllabus ahead of the Class 10 board exam and stick to the books that cover the prescribed syllabus. If you know your syllabus, you know your path to success. Questions like, how to get good marks in 10th board exam or how to score more in your board exam, would not bother you anymore.

Adhere to a Strict Study Schedule

Preparing a strict study schedule, or timetable is another vital step in realisation of scoring more in the Class 10 board exam. Strict adherence to a clearly planned study timetable will help students remain updated, and well organised in their preparation for the Class 10 board exam. An effective study schedule will help students prepare for their board exams in a very systematic and layered fashion thus helping them cover their entire exam syllabus well within time in sync with the prescribed timetable. Such a practice will help students excel and score good marks in the board exams.

Practice Sample Papers to Gain Confidence

As the old adage goes, “Practice makes a man perfect” holds well here. Nothing assures a student more success than practice. Students keen on cracking the Class 10 board exam, and bothered by thoughts on how to get good marks in 10th board exam, or how to score more in your board exam, must resort to the aforementioned maxim. Solving previous years’ question papers regularly will help students manage time, and will help them in assessing the type of questions that they would be faced with, or have to answer in the board exam. Students must solve at least the last 5 years’ question papers, and work on them thoroughly to get themselves familiar with the exam pattern; learn time management, and get themselves acclimatised to the exam atmosphere. In addition to this, practicing numerical questions, theorems, and formulas is of great benefit to students. Practicing whatever you learn more than once will help boost your confidence ahead of the exams.

Exam Hall Tips to Follow

It is very essential that a student appearing for the Class 10 board exam, and wishing to score more must enter the exam hall with confidence. Once in, and all set to answer the paper, he/she must not panic seeing the question paper, but remain calm and composed. Students must keep a few crucial points in mind – take a few minutes (10-15 minutes) to thoroughly read the question paper; prioritise the questions that you wish to answer; resort to eliminating options; don’t sweat over the tough questions; stick to the allotted time with and ensure accuracy, and revise your answers before time runs out. All of these exam hall tips will help ace, and score more in your board exam.

Sufficient time should be devoted to self-study

The best way to excel and achieve the desired objective is by challenging oneself! Self-study is the best way to put all your learning and memory to the test, especially before the board exam. It would serve as a revision exercise that will not just help brush up the memory, but also tell about your success rate while exposing your limitations in areas that one needs to work on and improve to excel with good scores. Students must give themselves sufficient time to indulge in self-study, and avoid whiling time in unnecessary distractions like social media platforms in the course of their preparation for board exams.

All of the above-mentioned tips to score more in board exam and many more such valuable insights must be thoroughly adopted by students in their daily lives, and put to practice on a regular basis if they wish to score more in the board exams, and not be bothered by thoughts on how to get good marks in 10th board exam, or how to score more in your board exam.

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