Effects of Music on Student Success

Effects of Music on Student Success

“Music replays the past memories, awaken our forgotten worlds and make our minds travel,” writes Michael Bassey Johnson, a progressive author and poet.

Literally speaking, music is an art of arranging sounds in time syncing elements such as melody, rhythm, harmony, and timbre in unison. It is, and has been the universal cultural aspect of all human civilisations and societies. In all, music is a positive force and factor that has played a vital role since ages stirring people’s minds and emotions together in one form or another, or as Marilyn Manson says, music is the strongest form of magic.

Music being a universal phenomenon plays a crucial role in all walks of life having a lasting impact, and academics is no different. Music is used as a medium by many students to remain upbeat and mentally strong, especially while preparing for the board exams, entrance tests and other competitive examinations. Given this, let us explore the effects that music has on students in building their success stories.

Effects of Music on Student Success

A drastic transformation in the education ecosystem, especially with the learning process going virtual/online and digital in nature, there is a change in the competition levels, academic pressure and learning pedagogy adding to the stress levels of students. In coping with the new developments, students have devised and found numerous ways to confront these challenges, and music is one such medium. Let us find out the effects of music on success of students.

Stress Reduction

Music being a symphony of emotions has a synergic impact on students’ minds who are always under a lot of academic stress and anxiety with the learning processing becoming more demanding involving a lot of class-based, practical and hands-on learning activities for internal assessment in addition to the frequent exams adding to their stress levels. With all this, students take to music to relax themselves mentally and emotionally as an anti-stress mechanism to help them stay focused, committed and improve their academic performance.

Improves Concentration

With schooling becoming more robust involving a lot of academic, learning and testing processes, students are always on their toes and are required to stay focused and concentrate without coming under any academic duress and stress. Listening to music amid schooling and high-octane exam preparations will help students remain calm and focused in enhancing their holistic academic performance and exam results without taking much stress. Like many take to meditation to enhance their concentration levels, students take to listening to different forms of music – folk, jazz, classic, rhythm, pop, rock, etc. that suits them the most in beating the stress and enhance their academic concentration levels.

Positive Attitude

Music by its nature is a positive vibe and helps those who consume it to remain positive in their approach towards life. Likewise, the students taking to music helps them build a positive mindset and conscience, especially in leading to preparation of exams and entrance tests which requires them to remain optimistic and confident about themselves and their capabilities to face any challenge in improving their academic performance and results.

Enhances Intellect

Music not just stirs the human soul through its soothing symphony, but also contributes to the enhancement of the human intellect through it diverse nature. As music has evolved in every stage of human civilisation encompassing the diversity, students can take inspiration from the motivational musical notes that can boost their morale to remain upbeat, and eventually contribute in improving their academic and learning skills as well as performance.

Boosts Memory

Memory is a powerful tool that helps store and retain a plethora of information, and this is a very vital aspect of a student’s life. Listening to music will help students revitalise and boost their memory levels just like retention of popular musical forms. Students can emotionally connect and get thoroughly involved in their learning process by linking musical notes with their academic programmes and activates. In fact, students have a habit of listening to music while preparing for exams as it helps them retain whatever they have learned or revised to ace their exams and achieve the desired results.

It Makes You Work Faster

Listening to sensuous music helps students to refresh and relax their senses that will help them hold on their temperament and boost their energy levels to swiftly work towards their desired objectives of emerging successful in their exams, entire schooling and learning process confidently without any hassle like the flowing musical notes.

These are some of the effects and benefits of listening to music for students that will help them emerge successful in their academics.

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