Career Options After Class 12th for Biology Students

Choosing a career is one of the most challenging and integral part of one’s life. It determines the farsightedness and dream of an imagined bright and successful future. The vision of a bright future needs to be cherished and thought out at a very young age, especially when students are at the threshold of their intermediate or Class 12, regarded as the watershed moment or the turning point. The task of opting for an envisioned career gets only tougher when one narrows down his/her options determined by their desired area of interest.

If a student desires to opt for a career in the medical or health field, then he/she has to pass Class 12 with Biology in the Science stream. It must be known here that under the science stream students can either opt for mathematics or biology as their optional subject, where physics and chemistry are compulsory. Mathematics along with the compulsory subjects is termed as PCM while the compulsory subjects on being paired with biology constitute PCB. A combination of all the subjects put together is called PCMB.

Medical Growth Trajectory

The medical and health field is evergreen and the most sought-after career option. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, “the growth in healthcare employment is expected to continue its steady growth to reach almost 26 percent by 2022.” Medical and health sectors are estimated to add more jobs than any of the other occupational groups with an ever-growing demand for healthcare services.

Careers Courses After Class 12th Biology

Students who aim at opting, and establishing a full-fledged career in the medical and healthcare sector after class 12th in Biology have numerous options to be explored as given under.


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery i.e. MBBS is the most sought after and preferred course from the career point of view for students after passing Class 12 in Biology. It fulfills the dream of a student who wishes to be a become physician or a medical practitioner, which is also a highly rewarding and dignified career.

Candidates who wish to opt for MBBS and fly high must be ready to give in five and a half years (5.5 years) of their precious life in pursuing this highly competitive course and lucrative career. Admissions to the MBBS course require the clearance of NEET-UG after class 12. Students can further opt for MD and MS – a 3-year course in the desired specialisations to further move up the career ladder and better future.


Bachelor of Dental Surgery or BDS course is the next big thing which students after Class 12 in Biology can opt for after MBBS after clearing the NEET entrance exam. It is an extension of the medical industry. On completing the BDS course over a duration of four years (4 years), you can become a Doctor with specialisation in dentistry with any Govt. sector or any private clinic, or even open one’s personnel clinic with an appropriate license to practice. Students can further go for higher specialisation in the field of dentistry by pursuing a 2 years MDS course to strengthen one’s area of expertise and career.


People who hold a lot of love and affection for animals, birds, and pets, and are passionate about serving them wholeheartedly and wish to make a career out of it can pursue a Bachelor of Veterinary Science i.e. B.VSc – a 5 years undergraduate course. On completion of B.VSc course, one can opt for a government job in the concerned area given the fact that it is the least saturated or opted course among students, or can even open one’s own pet care center or veterinary clinic.

B Pharm And Pharm D

As per the Indian Economic Survey 2021, India’s domestic pharmaceutical market is estimated at US$ 42 billion in 2021 and likely to reach US$ 65 billion by 2024 and further expand to reach US$ 120-130 billion by 2030. It may be further noted that India’s biotech industry consisting of biopharmaceuticals, bioinformatics, bio-services, etc. is growing at a rapid pace. Given this fact, one can assess the market value of Pharmacy. Students who wish to make a career and grow in the field of Pharmacy after Class 12 in Biology must pursue a 4-year course in Bachelor of Pharmacy i.e. B Pharm to practice as a Pharmacist. One can also opt to become a Doctor of Pharmacy by taking up 6 years PG course in pharmacy which also includes one year of internship

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

In today’s highly competitive and complex market environment staying healthy and fit is paramount. One goes through a lot of physical stress given the work pressure, which requires timely consultation and treatment. Physiotherapy ensures that an individual is able to lead a healthy living, including while at work and indulging in recreational activities. In addition, there is a spurt in chronic diseases alongside an aging population which has increased the market value and demand for physiotherapy in India.

Students who wish to join this industry must pursue a 4 years Bachelor of Physiotherapy i.e. BPT or B.Pth course including 6 months of internship after Class 12 in Biology. On completing the BPT course, one can easily get employed at hospitals, healthcare centers, sports arenas, gymnasiums, etc., or can even start one’s physiotherapy center.


Students who have a passion and dream of joining the Indian Armed forces in all three services – the Indian Army, the Indian Navy, and the Indian Air Force, which requires Nursing officers and staff as part of its medical requirements, both infield and on the war front can do so by taking up the Military Nursing Services or MNS exam after Class 12 in Biology to be granted with SSC Officer’s post, in addition, to be employed at various private and government community health centers, hospitals and clinics. Students can opt for higher studies like B.Sc Nursing and Paramedical Courses which have a duration of 3 to 4 years.

These are some of the best career-driven courses which students can explore and opt for after Class 12th in Biology.

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