7 Best Career Options After 12th For Science Students (PCM)

Career options play a quintessential role in determining and shaping a student’s future, especially those coming from the science stream with a plethora of opportunities available in the job market. On passing Class 12 in the science stream, students are deeply engrossed in thoughts about the best career options after 12th. They are constantly hit questions like, what are best career options after 12th science with high salary or career options for science students after 12th or available career options after 12th that can meet their expectations in sync with future prospective.  

Undeniably, the science stream students enjoy the benefits over arts and commerce students because of multiple career options with unique specialisations. However, the task to select the best career options after 12th science becomes even more perplexing when students have to confine their search based on their course combination chosen at the intermediate level – Physics-Chemistry-Mathematics (PCM) or Physics-Chemistry-Biology (PCB).

It must be known here that under the science stream students can either opt for mathematics or biology as their optional subject, where physics and chemistry are compulsory. Mathematics along with the compulsory subjects is termed as PCM while the compulsory subjects on being paired with biology constitute PCB. A combination of all the subjects put together is called PCMB.

Students must be considerate and wise in choosing their career options once the board exam results are out, and not make a decision in haste that can jeopardise their careers in the long run. There is a wide variety of careers options available for students who have opted and qualified Class 12 in physics-chemistry-mathematics (PCM). Students need not be worried about career options after PCM or think about what would be the career after PCM or ponder over career options for PCM students, etc.

Best Career Options after 12th PCM

Here are the 7 best career options after 12th for science students with the physics, chemistry, and mathematics (PCM) combination. Let’s explore the PCM career options step-by-step.


Engineering is one of the most sought-after career option after 12 PCM. It is one of the most conventional careers that is yearned by students and parents alike. There are various specialties that one can break into after 12th PCM like computer engineering, big data engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, et al. which are not just high in demand, but also well paid with good positions like Assistant Engineer, Analyst, Data Administrator, and in your respective field of specialization, etc.

In order to pursue the specialised courses, one should appear for the entrance examinations. For instance, Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is required for admission to engineering courses in IITs and NITs and other exams like BITSAT, SRMJEE, and State level entrance exams.


It is an excellent and rewarding career option after 12th for science students with PCM. With growing infrastructure needs and challenges, industries look for persons who have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the technical nuances, who can meet their required specifications. It is the Architects, with expertise in planning, designing, and execution capabilities, who can meet the industry requirements – be it in the case of the building of IT parks; big-small office spaces, or commercial/residential buildings. The rewards too are high, with excellent pay packages running into lakh per annum with positions such as Urban Planner, Landscape Architect, etc.  

It requires the study of designing, the art of planning, constructing buildings, etc. Students need to pass 10+2 with mathematics i.e. PCM to pursue B. Arch, a 4-year course.

Industrial Design

It is a very promising career option for PCM students in the tech and gadget-driven world. Industrial design involves designing products, devices, and objects that are manufactured in bulk like mobiles, automobiles, appliances, etc. which are used on a daily basis by millions of people around the world. All of this requires a lot of technical expertise, which is best taught and delivered by students with PCM backgrounds. Industrial designing is not just confined to designing products, devices, and objects, but also involves extensive research and development (R&D) activity and is one of the well-rewarded career options for PCM students with excellent pay and perks.

Commercial Pilot

We all have dreamt of playing planes. Haven’t we? At some point in time, each one of us, as children have simulated paper planes given our penchant for flying an object. What if that dream grows into a passion, and a passion becomes a career option? Amazing, right! You can choose to be a Commercial Pilot if you are a class 12th PCM student. It is a rewarding career not just monetarily but in realisation of the dream of touching the skies and enriching travel experiences. You can serve in various capacities like a cargo pilot, tour pilot, or even a commercial airline pilot.

Defence And Maritime

It is one of the best career options for science students after 12th. Students can realise their dream of joining and being a part of the Defence forces in various armed wings – the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force in the capacity as an Officer, especially into the technical branch if they have qualified in Class 12th with PCM combination. One can appear for NDA entrance to get placed under all wings with excellent pay in addition to earning national pride, which is more rewarding than any pay, or he/she can join the maritime industry, incapacity a Merchant Navy or Civil Naval Officer which holds a lot of commercial prospects, provided you love the sea.

Forensic Scientist

There is nothing called a perfect crime because forensic is behind! In the evolving world of science and technology, even crimes too have become complex and need more sophisticated techniques to decode them. Forensic isn’t confined to crime alone but has a wider scope covering areas such as finance, cybercrime, environment protection, industrial and scientific R&D, etc. involving collection, preservation, and analysis of evidence to arrive at a conclusion. If one wishes to enter the field of forensics, then it is a must for him/her to have passed Class 12 with PCM. It too is a promising career option with great prospects.

Data Analytics

It is one of the most fledgling careers in the job market. The world today is data-driven cutting across diverse domains and sectors – Industrial, Business, Finance, Computers & IT, Services, Agriculture, Health, Environment, etc. involving number crunching, which requires an individual to possess excellent numerical or mathematical calculation, analytical and scientific skills to present them in simplest possible language to help organizations to develop quick solutions and make informed decisions. Preference will be placed on candidates with a PCM background, who can go to become a statistician or data analytics expert with excellent pay. It’s one of the best career options after 12th PCM.

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