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About Us

Dailylearn is an EdTech platform, providing LIVE online courses for Class 9th to 12th school students of CBSE & state boards, across various subjects such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. Aided by the best teachers, we help you learn better, grow and succeed.

At Dailylearn, we believe that every child across the length and breadth of India should never be deprived of getting a quality learning experience. And with this belief at the forefront, we create highly localized, easy to understand, and highly engaging learning experience for the students of Bharat, to help them enjoy learning and get better marks.

Our online LIVE courses also include IIT and NEET preparation modules as a part of the curriculum. A student receives hundreds of hours of live classes, pre-recorded videos, hundreds of study notes, weekly tests, syllabus, NCERT books, previous year solved papers, NCERT solutions etc. for CBSE and state boards.

With a team of competent, engaging and experienced teachers having 30+ years of experience with Akash, Delhi Public School, SCERT, State Board Committees etc., Dailylearn is your perfect replacement for the locally available coaching institutes or tuition centres.

One thing is certain – after one lecture, you would definitely want to attend the next lecture.


Our mission is to bridge the gap between the core needs of the students of Bharat, and the limited quality learning options available to them locally.