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Learn Arts (Painting) - Basic Module

Drawing is a skill that is learned and developed and this workshop is designed to give you the knowledge that you need to draw or create artworks better almost immediately! Anyone can learn how to draw or create artwork.

This art course designed in consultation with Urmi's Art Forum and endorsed by Padma Shri Tilak Gitai is for all age groups. The course focuses on teaching of basics of drawing elements and creating various artworks using concepts of Madhubani, Mandala, Fork Painting, Blow painting, Zentangle, doodle art, Madhubani, Dot Painting, Fork Painting, Silhouette, Scenery Art etc.

imd1 Art for All – Workshop is aimed at teaching the beginners and let them have a taste of Art with various Artworks. Each topic is broken down into "easy to follow" and "easy to understand" standardised steps. The curriculum runs through the various skills by imparting the right training.

So, Let's enjoy the Art!

Course Instructions

  • This online workshop is meant for all who wants to learn an Art of Drawing & Painting sitting at home
  • Always refer to the material required for particular session and keep the same ready before the class starts. During lockdown, alternative material also can be used as explained in the video.
  • Always remember that secret of learning is to build your skills slowly and steady.
  • Don't try to learn it all at once
  • Plan regular times for learning and set reminders
  • Learn in a distraction-free environment
  • It is recommended to post drawings/paintings on imd1 app by clicking "Add Post" under the batch menu to showcase your talents.
  • Embrace what you can do and do it


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